Local rules

  • OUT

OFF is marked by white posts (Rule 27-1). The 11th fairway is valid while playing the 16th hole as OFF (see white picket). The 7th fairway applies when playing the 8th hole as OFF (see white picket). Incidentally, beyond the area marked by white picket space limit OFF

  • Water hazards (Rule 26)

Frontal water hazards are marked by yellow stakes.

Lateral water hazards are marked with red posts.

can at the lateral water hazard at hole 16 and may not be proceed under Rule 26-1 c) II, when the ball has crossed in front of the red-white signpost (between pole and tee) the boundary of the lateral water hazard. (On the opposite side of the water hazard is to the height of the pile OFF.)

  • Ground under repair (Rule 25)

Ground under repair is marked by blue stakes.

If the ball so that the level of the player or the intended path of the swing is affected by new planting, must proceed under Rule 25-1b). When planting only angepflockte bushes and trees and bushes and trees with casting ring or bark mulch apply. In G: general penalty.

For location of the ball on roadways or in vehicle tracks can also be availed relief under Rule 25-1 b).

  • Immovable barriers (Rule 24-2)

all irrigation facilities

all shelters, especially at the 18th tee and on 5 and 6 founder infrastructure along hole 18 including the side slope (up to Off)

  • Distance measurements

The measurement of distances with measuring equipment is allowed if the game will not unduly delayed.

Inadmissible to enter a measurement, a green or the distance from or to a ball on the green or to measure from or to a ball mark on the green (: – competition Nearest to the Pin exception) is. In G: general penalty

  • General Rules and Regulations / Sweepstakes Conditions

Apply the official DGV golf rules including etiquette and DGV – Preferences – System, the “General Rules and Regulations” of the GC Rittergut Rothenberger Haus e.V. (see notice), with betting games in addition to betting wagering requirements (see notice) and the tournament bid.

… Golf Club Rittergut Rothenberger Haus e.V.

… The game board

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