The manor and its history

The manor in the 20s years

The Rittergut Rothenberger Haus was v many centuries part of the formerly very important estates of the barons. Minnigerode.

It’s always been apparently only Nebengut, either of the adjacent material Wollershausen or exceptional accommodation located in the district of Worbis good Silkerode. In the Ritterschaftsmatrikel of 1920 it appears for the first time as an independent asset that was with Wollershausen in one hand.
In 1939 it was purchased by the farmer and horse trader Heinrich Aschoff from Desingerode. This in 1945 transferred his daughter Mathilde, who was married to Heinrich Schulze-Niehoff.

From it took over in 1968, her son Klaus Schulze-Niehoff the then 180 ha 59 a great good. Meanwhile this has added acquired approximately 180 ha and this always manages itself and managed.
Klaus Schulze-Niehoff and his wife Eva-Maria Schulze-Niehoff have 1994/95, reformed a 80 hectare area near the farmyard consisting of arable land to a golf course. The date 18 holes comprehensive investment in scenic environment creates distinctive to this day about 15 jobs and includes about 550 members.

The manor in the 20s years
The manor in the 20s years

The management of lands has today placed in the hands of his nephew Peter Schulze-Niehoff the owner, who has long been his father’s farm Heinrich Schulze-Niehoff, Klaus Schulze-Niehoff elder brother, in Desingerode near Duderstadt, operates.
A former barn has been converted for purposes of the golf club and now serves as a clubhouse. The unneeded other farm buildings have been demolished in the acquisition by the present owner. The two-story, dating from around 1700 half-timbered manor house is still the residence of the owner family.
The operation will remain in family hands. His younger daughter and his son-Johanna and Constantin Elsner v. Der Malsburg are both active in the operation and will continue this in the long run.

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