Altherrensport? Aber NEIN!

Popularly the game of golf is often called the old boys’ sports. That this is not so, proves our lively youth group.

Young and old together

In golf can together and play against each other young and old. In other ball sports there are major problems.


Annual determination of the youth club champion

Once a year the club champion is determined nationwide in all golf clubs. A great day out for young and adult participants.

Hi Kids,

from 10 April we want to take the training operation. Here you can the current training schedule next season download, by clicking on our aliens.


Dear young people and children, did you your youth officer given their current e-mail address known? If not, you can do it the same as Opens window for sending the e-mail mailto: g.hinzmann (at) catch.

I hope to see you soon

Your youth officer

Günter Hinzmann

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